We are Prioritaire. We

Starting out as a one-man-do-all business, Prioritaire has grown to become one of the leading delivery services in Stockholm. With emphasis on service we have developed our in-house, single point of contact concierge concept, where the solutions are dictated by the needs and wants of our clients.

A call to us is the beginning of a future partnership where our companies will evolve together – and where we can fulfill your logistical demands, no matter how big or small they may be.

Ready to be impressed? Contact our team and we’ll gladly tell you more.




The core of this business, and in retrospect the enabler of our diversity as a courier service. Offering a range of vehicles and qualified drivers, nothing is impossible for our ”out-house” team. Conquering traffic everyday our fast, flexible and emission-free bike messengers will handle the smaller local transportations. If in need of a larger and heavier transport, we have a variety of vans and light trucks as options.

Our team will make sure to guide you through our different pricing options and what means of transportation we consider to be the best for you.

Worldwide shipping


Since 2011, we have helped our partners reach every part of the world. Nothing is impossible to ship, and with our 235 country offering – every location is reachable. Whether your interest is to send an envelope via express, in need of shipping box pallets or containers, we look at every assignment and its specific requirements to guide you through options available.

Dealing with customs documents, bill of ladings and having to navigate through complicated price ranges will not be an issue anymore.

We are your fullservice-broker with a large international network, and we are here to optimise your experience with connecting to the world.


Being exactly that, this part of our service offering is based on unconventional assignments. Unconventional being that we are a courier service. However, sometimes you might find yourself running short on time, supplies or manpower – this is where we can step in and help you.

One of our most comfortable introductions within this service is that every driver is equipped with a credit card if you need to purchase something and have it delivered to you. Whether you are in need of a last-minute bouquet, supplies for the office or need something to be picked up and paid for (from an auction for example); we have got you covered! An invoice will be sent to you later on, making your shopping life a bit easier.

If muscle and a couple of extra hands is what you require, we’ve got plenty. Maybe the office is in need of a shape- or shake-up, or you have a heavy marble table that you want relocated within your facility, we carry plenty of experience. No stair or doorway is too tricky for our crew to handle. Or if you simply are in need of a handy person with tools to come assemble furniture or remove some screws, we have a multitasking crew at your service.

All in all, consider us your personal and professional all-rounders.